Farkas Molnár Villa: Tamás Trombitás (2004-10-07)

Farkas Molnár Lejtő utca villa: Tamás Trombitás exhibition (7th – 8th October 2004)

While studying at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts, Tamás Trombitás was deeply fascinated by the Lejtő utca Villa – the Hungarian capital’s impressioning architecture monument built by Molnár Farkas, the country’s famous Bauhaus architect.
Later Trombitás has bought this dream of his and restored the house with sensible respect.
Now, in changed living circumstances, he considers to seperate from the Villa. It goes without saying that he does this by an exhibition, memorizing the part of his life spent with the house - alone, in two, with friends - and by works in some of which the traces of living together with the house are most cospicuous.

Opening: István Hajdu, Thursday, 7th October, 4 p. m.
The exhibition remains open on Friday, 8th October from 1 – 7 p. m.
Budapest, Lejtő street 2/a