At the Gaudens Pedit Collection is being presented for the very
first time. On show are 300 works by 29 artists complete with biographical information.
For each artist you can find an up-to-date biography and bibliography as well as an oeuvre description with links to the works and artists mentioned.
If you click on "Background" you will get access to contributions on the general situation
of art in Hungary at the time of its opening to the West and on the various starting positions.
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The Gaudens Pedit Collection is the most comprehensive and meaningful document on Hungarian art at the time of the country's opening to the West. The works date from the beginning of the 1980s up until the middle of the 1990s. The collection was built up between 1988 and 1994 by Christoph Achammer, Michael Neubauer, Gaudens Pedit,
Kurt Sailer and Alexander Svoboda.

For the collective achievement in building up the collection and the activities involved in promoting Hungarian art Gaudens Pedit was presented with the 'Pro Cultura Hungarica'
in 1997 by the Hungarian Ministry of Culture, for special achievements in the field of art.